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Hey All and Welcome!

hey y'all!
Welcome to my website, to my blog, in my tiny world!

This guy, this is me! Marek

It's me! The Marek

In this blog I will show you my sweet digital webdev or touring life!

Due to the worldwide pandemic, I obviously am not able to post a lot of touring stuff, at least nothing new but I will still try to entertain you with some interesting or silly development stuff. A few How-To's, quick-tips, tutorials or some motivational/interesting/free words about the developer life.

Of course I will still try to take you with me into the world of touring (or music business!).
It's still a part of me and my work-life, just temporarily on old for a few weeks or months. Don't worry, we will be back soon! ;)

I'll drop some backstage views, nice stage shots or just silly stuff, that happend on and off stage.

It will be great!

As usual, please send me feedback! Tell me everything!
Tell me, what to improve, which topics are interesting for ya, which tropics aren't. What's great, or what's stupid!

So Long! Stay Sane! Year your masks! Stay healthy (or get better soon)!


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- Development, Touring

Hey All and Welcome!